Blog start

This is a new Blog started to comment about production in the upstate New York Area with some Western PA connections. The reason to start a new blog is that the industry is changing and the film professional has to adapt. A current issue is the idea of “what role the Buffalo Film Commission should play”. The Buffalo Film Commissions mission is to bring and help visiting productions in the Buffalo area. This has been the mission from the start, not to help local crew members get jobs on the production. That is just a plus. A list of local crews and services is for out of town companies use. It is a selling tool that the Buffalo Film Commission uses to bring work into our area. The role of the Commission is not to find you work or to promote your company. If you want to get on a production call Tim Clark and ask what companies are coming to the area and can I have a contact persons number or e-address. And if the company is not accepting calls do not take it out on Mr. Clark. It is not his job to find us work, It is ours.

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