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I’m shooting a spot using a DSLR camera and I have some thoughts about it. I do not know if the worlds of Film/Video production and Still photography are merging but the tools seem to be. I know of a few still guys who are thinking “I could shot that spot” and the answer is maybe. They would have to learn a new mind-set and new skills. Making an image that moves and has a camera that is moving takes a different thought on composition than shooting a still image. Where is the point of interest in the image and where do I want it to go? As for Film/Video shoots shooting still, the same rethinking has to happen. The camera is a tool the artist uses to make the art. Both can learn from the other art.

The DSLR cameras make a real pretty picture with limited size. This allows the camera to go places that a bigger rig would have problems filming. With it’s small size you can quickly go from high to low or through crowds without drawing too much attention to the production. Big bonus with a run and gun shoot. As for the image, the camera is a tool. Is it right for all jobs, no. But the jobs it is right for like run and gun point of view or time lapse it is perfect for and you can make some really sweet images.

Another strong plus is for companies just starting out the cost are not as high, true the quality is lower but the return of your dollar is safer. Plus a one-person shop can afford a camera and an edit system with no decks needed for less than a high-end camera. This allows for smaller passion projects to happen without a ton of grant writing. So why shouldn’t every production house or edit facility becomes a full production company? When the tools become cheaper and production quicker the master craftsman who specializes becomes the only true means of creating a special product. The Artist with skills will rise above the rest.


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